1,200 Chinese believed to be involved in cybercrime are repatriated by a strong ethnic militia in Myanmar.

More than 1,200 Chinese nationals Cybercrime were detained and repatriated. According to an officer with one of Myanmar’s largest and most effective ethnic minority militias. Who were reportedly involved in illicit online scam activities.

According to Nyi Rang, a liaison officer for the militia, the arrests were made during raids on Tuesday and Wednesday. In eastern Shan state within the territory under the authority the UWSA, or United Wa State Army.


In a text message, he said that the detained individuals had been turned over to Chinese. Authorities at the border gate in Panghsang, also known as Pangkham City. The capital of the Wa-administered territory on the frontier with China’s Yunnan province.

As a result of the fact that many of the workers used to carry out online scams. Are also the victims of criminal gangs who seduce them with false employment offers and then force them. To labor under virtual slavery, cybercrime scams have become a significant problem in Asia.

In a report released last month, the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights claimed that the gangs had coerced hundreds of thousands of people in Southeast Asia into taking part in fraud schemes such false romantic ruses, phony investment pitches, and illicit gambling schemes.

The study estimates that 100,000 people in Cambodia and at least 120,000 people in conflict-torn Myanmar may be held captive and forced to engage in online fraud.

It claimed that the towns in southern Kayin state near the Thai border, the Kokang Self-Administered Zone, and the Wa-administered city of Mong La in Shan state near the Chinese border are where the country’s online scam operations are supposedly based.

According to Wa liaison officer Nyi Rang, online fraud operations are not permitted in the region governed by the UWSA and its political affiliate, the United Wa State Party, and similar arrests have been made in the past.

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