A cruise ship grounded in Greenland with 206 passengers on board

Despite a Covid breakout and numerous unsuccessful attempts to rescue the cruise ship. Spirits on board a cruise liner stranded in Greenland are still high.

The Ocean Explorer, which carrying 206 passengers and crew, came aground earlier this week in a remote section of Greenland, where it may stuck for days.

According to trip operator Aurora Expeditions, who operates the ship, three passengers have Covid-19.According to Aurora Expeditions, the afflicted travelers are currently being kept apart from the other travelers, who are all safe and in good health.

ship grounded

A cruise ship passenger named Lis told affiliate Nine News that she thought the Covid crisis “contain” and that right now, running out of alcohol is her main fear.

That is my biggest worry, she admitted.

She does, however, have a fallback in case that occurs.

I am a decent swimmer because I took swimming lessons before I arrived, Lis stated. So beware: I might be swimming to Iceland.

According to a statement from Denmark’s Joint Arctic Command (JAC), the Ocean Explorer ran into problems on Monday in Alpefjord, a beautiful and rocky section of Northeast Greenland National Park, and has been unable to free itself.

According to a JAC statement, “this indicates that the tide, which arrived during the day, local time, did not provide the needed assistance to sail on.

As of Wednesday, all travelers on board were “safe and well,” according to travel company Aurora Expeditions.

Importantly, neither they nor the ship are in any immediate danger, according to a statement from Aurora Expeditions.

According to the statement, the Knud Rasmussen, the closest inspection vessel, sent to help after the incident but would have to travel 1,200 nautical miles (2,222 kilometers) to reach the cruise ship.

On Friday night, the ship is anticipate to arrive at the Ocean Explorer.

Arctic Commander Brian Jensen explain that as soon as it became clear that the Ocean Explorer couldn’t escape on its own, a ship deploy in the direction of the wreck.

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