According to Netflix, the streamer’s entry into gaming is a ‘natural extension’

You probably think of a memorable television program or movie when you think about Netflix.

What did you enjoy the most? game of squid? Bridgerton? Perhaps Stranger Things?

The streaming service hopes that soon video games will be vying for a spot on that list.

Netflix is gradually ratcheting up plans to offer additional gaming experiences to members, saying that games are a crucial component of its proposition to remain relevant with consumers in the years to come.

Games are one of the most popular kinds of entertainment today, so it really is only a natural extension for Netflix to include them as part of the membership, says Leanne Loom, Netflix’s vice president of outside gaming.

It’s getting harder to distinguish between the numerous ways we consume entertainment. We want to make sure we have something for you when you’re in that situation, whether you want to sit and watch a movie or be more active and play a game.


Our goal is for every user of the service to be able to play a game. instead put more of an emphasis on creating a variety of games that users may choose from.

Since November 2021, games have been playable in the Netflix app, although many users were unaware of this development. Loom claims that the streaming service has purposefully refrained from “shouting from the rooftops” in favor of taking its time to fully grasp the industry.

Mobile games are currently being offer, some of which connect to well-known Netflix titles (like Stranger Things) and others of which separate from the service (like Reigns: Three Kingdoms).

Currently, they can only be play on mobile devices, though testing to explore how they might function on TVs and desktops are in progress.

According to Shay Thompson, a games journalist, the industry is “littered with the failed attempts” by legacy media organizations to enter the gaming space, so taking a low-key approach is a smart decision.

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