As its economic problems worsen, China is beginning a “unprecedented” assault on corruption in the country’s health sector.

As it struggles with growing economic problems and long-standing public resentment. Over excessive expenses in the massive healthcare business, China has begun. A broad anti-corruption drive that targets its hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, and insurance funds.

According to the state news agency China News Service. More than 180 hospital leaders, including Communist Party secretaries and hospital heads. Have come under investigation so far this year. At least 10 of those leaders have voluntarily surrendered since June.

According to reports from other state media outlets. That is more than twice as many cases as there were last year.

In recent weeks, campaign-related reports and rumors have dominated local headlines and social media, with state news outlets airing examples.

One case feature the president of a tiny hospital in the southwest of the province of Yunnan, who was accuse of taking more than $2.2 million from the purchase of a medical gadget for the treatment of cancer in a 2021 case that was just brought to light by anti-graft investigators.

The crackdown, which was formally start by ten national agencies last month, has gain support from numerous provincial-level ministries. This is an impressive level of cooperation for such a campaign, especially after a decade of anti-corruption initiatives under Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

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According to state media, some regions have establish hotlines for calling in reports regarding fraud in the industry.Shanghai introduce a system of financial prizes earlier this summer for reporting unlawful acts that fall within the purview of its market supervision agency, and it is anticipate that more nationwide investigations into the health care industry would be conduct in the months to come.

According to state media, Ren Jianming, director of the Center for Integrity Research and Education at China’s Beihang University, “the speed at which local governments carried out investigations, and the severity of penalties meted out, are impressive.”

The campaign’s targeting on the healthcare industry has been characterize as “unprecedent in the depth, breadth, and intensity” by at least one official media article.

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