Biden Says He Needs to Be Repressed, Putin: US Must Learn to Respect Others

Russian President Vladimir Putin responded to United States President Joe Biden’s comments, saying that Russia’s interests cannot be suppressed, and that US politicians must learn to respect others.

He was responding to comments Biden made in an interview with CBS News, in which the United States president said, “Imagine what would happen if we really united all of Europe and Putin was finally suppressed so he couldn’t cause the problems he did.”
Putin responded to Biden’s statement in an interview with Chinese media in Beijing, Tuesday, October 17 2023.

“This is not about me personally. This is about the interests of the country. It is impossible to suppress Russia’s interests. They must be taken into consideration,” said Putin, who is in China to attend the Belt and Road summit.

Putin said that Biden, with whom he has had a rivalry

relationship since the US president took office in 2021, and the entire American political elite needed to learn to “respect” Russia.

This Wednesday Putin is schedule to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping. The two leaders sought to enhance their “no borders” partnership. Amid the war in Ukraine and escalating conflicts in the Middle East.

Xi hosted Putin and dozens of global leaders at the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) summit, celebrating 10 years since Xi launched infrastructure projects aimed at strengthening alliances with Asian, African and Latin American countries.

The focus will be on Putin and Xi’s statements on the Israel-Hamas war

as US President Joe Biden will land in Israel to show support for the country. Seek to minimize civilian casualties and keep the conflict from escalating.

This is the second foreign trip for the Russian leader since the Hague-based. ICC International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant in March, accusing Putin of illegally deporting children from Ukraine. China is not a member of the ICC so the arrest warrant is not valid.

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