Can Ukraine survive without Polish military assistance?

Warsaw is one of the major armored vehicle suppliers to Kiev. Although it has likely already provided the most of the armaments it can.

Ukraine can it survive without Polish military assistance? Mateusz Morawiecki, the prime minister of Poland. Declared on September 20 that his nation will “no longer transfer any armaments to Ukraine”. In order to focus on modernizing its own armed forces. Given the support Warsaw has provided to Kyiv’s forces since the conflict’s inception 19 months ago when the Russian army invaded Ukraine, the declaration has sparked concerns.

Poland is now Ukraine’s sixth-largest armament supplier, according to the German research tank Kiel Institute. Which has been compiling data on the assistance given by Ukraine’s allies since February 2022. The estimated military spending of Warsaw is €3 billion. Significantly less than that of the Netherlands ($2.5 billion), Italy ($700 million), and France ($500 million). But much more than that of the United States ($42.1 billion), Germany ($17.1 billion), and the United Kingdom ($6.6 billion). The announced supply of F-16 fighter jets by some nations has tipped even this position.

One of Ukraine’s principal sources of armored vehicles has been Poland. Even though the majority of these are models from the Soviet era, they have the benefit of not requiring Ukrainians to undergo any special training, in contrast to Western equipment. This makes it easier for the Ukrainians to understand them. According to the website Oryx, which tracks military hardware and personnel throughout the world, Warsaw has given the Ukrainian armed forces over 300 T-72 and PT-91 battle tanks as well as over 300 BWP-1 and KTO Rosomak infantry fighting vehicles. Additionally, it has donated or sold about 100 pieces of self-propelled artillery, notably the powerful 155 mm AHS Krab.

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Preparing Ukrainian soldiers

In addition, Poland has been among the few countries to provide aircraft to its neighbor, which was in dire need of them at the outset of the conflict to counter Russian aerial incursions into Ukrainian airspace. Ukraine has received 12 Mil Mi-24 attack helicopters and 14 Mig-29 military planes from Warsaw. Le Monde quoted researcher Léo Péria-Peigné from the French Institute of International Relations as saying that Poland is a major supplier of armaments. It has been there from the beginning, delivering tons of supplies including ammunition and fight-sustaining spare parts.

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