Chinese retaliation against Japan following the Fukushima leak includes egged schools and harassed companies.

Tensions between Japan and China have risen as a result of a flood of online abuse and venom. Thrown at Japanese citizens following the release of treated radioactive wastewater from Fukushima, causing Tokyo to call the Chinese ambassador.

After Japan formally started discharging the effluent on Thursday, China’s severely restricted internet erupted in indignation.

In a number of videos posted on social media, Chinese callers can be seen dialing the phone numbers of Japanese companies and institutions before yelling, “Why do you release nuclear polluted water to the ocean?”

Japan And China

Users frequently share phone numbers and offer encouragement to one another in the comments section below the videos. One guy wrote, “I just called as well.”

Hiroshi Kohata, the mayor of Fukushima, claimed on Saturday that the town hall had alone received nearly 200 such harassing calls in just two days. He claimed that numerous other places throughout the city had also gotten similar calls, including elementary and junior high schools, eateries, hotels, and inns.

In a Facebook post, he continued, “Many of them are in Chinese and are from +86 (China’s country code). “Fukushima is burdened with the aftermath in addition to the devastation brought on by the nuclear disaster. We demand that the government act after being made aware of the problem as quickly as possible.

The harassment calls were reported to the Chinese embassy, according to the foreign of Japan, which stated the instances were “extremely regrettable and worrisome.”

Beijing was ordered to stop circulating false information about the wastewater spill and to take “appropriate measures immediately to prevent the situation from escalating.”

Businesses outside of Japan are also being targeted. Foreign Ministry: “Ensure the safety of Japanese residents in China and Japanese diplomatic missions in China.” Japanese institutions in China have also been harassed, according to the ministry.

According to NHK, as the discharge started on Thursday in the Chinese province of Shandong. A stone was hurled into the grounds of a Japanese school.In Suzhou, China’s Jiangsu province. A Japanese school was targeted with multiple eggs the following day.

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