Destinations to Visit in 2024 According to The Points Guys, Including Bali

If you don’t visit many destinations this year, it’s time to plan a trip for 2024. The Points Guy reveals the best destinations to visit next year.
It even summarizes important events next year, which can be a recommendation for deciding which destination to visit. From France, Costa Rica, Albania, to Bali, here are 10 recommendations for the 17 best destinations in 2024, according to The Points Guy.


France will become the most visited country in the world (again) by 2025 |  CN Traveller

Next year France will host the 2024 Olympics. Maybe the hotels there are already booked, or tourists will have to pay higher prices. According to The Points Guy, the opening ceremony will be held along the River Seine, while some matches will be held at various stadiums across the country.
In addition to the Olympics, Strasbourg will host UNESCO’s 2024 World Book Capital and Normandy will host historic events to mark the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings in June.

San Diego, California – and Tijuana, Mexico

The 16 best places to travel: The most exciting destinations for 2024 - The  Points Guy

The two neighboring cities have been designated as World Design Capitals for 2024. Therefore, several interesting events will be related to design. Take Tijuana’s Design Street Festival, a jewelry design exhibition called ‘Frontera’ held at the Mingei International Museum in San Diego. Meanwhile, Centro Cultural Tijuana and the World Design Experience will be held in both cities.

Assam, India

Travel Guide To Assam | Why Visit Assam? | Best Time To Visit Assam

In this city located in Eastern India, tourists can explore the UNESCO-listed Manas National Park, or take a Jeep safari to the Unesco World Heritage Site of Kaziranga. Additionally, new cruise ship itineraries will make the region more accessible to tourists next year.


Beautiful' European beach destination for cheap holidays in 2024 | Travel  News | Travel |

Albania offers charming brutalist architecture and tree-filled neighborhoods in its capital, Tirana. Tourists can also take the cable car to Mount Dajti for a panoramic view of the city. Or enjoy the Kala Festival in early June along the coast of the Ionian Sea.

Costa Rica

International magazine chose Costa Rica as the ideal destination for 2024 - Costa  Rica Relocation Tours - Live and retire in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has the highest biodiversity, and even became a pioneer of ecotourism in the 1990s. Tourists can visit the region from August to December to see humpback whales migrating to the Golfo Dulce, one of four tropical fjords.

South Korea

10 Essential Places to Visit in South Korea | Korean Kulture

South Korea has four amazing seasons throughout the year. According to The Points Guy, the capital city of Seoul, is described as a place where past and future intersect. Tourists can visit the 14th-century Jongmyo Shrine and admire the futuristic Seoul City Hall.

Cities in the path of the eclipse, United States

US Cities inside the Path of Totality of the March 8, 2024 Total Eclipse :  r/MapPorn

Next year tourists can watch the solar eclipse in the United States. Dallas, Texas, will be one of the destinations to see the eclipse. Apart from that, there is also Indianapolis, which will celebrate the first total solar eclipse in more than 800 years. In Buffalo, the best vantage point to see the eclipse is inside Niagara Falls Park.

Bissagos Islands, Guinea-Bissau

The 16 best places to travel: The most exciting destinations for 2024 - The  Points Guy

The attraction of this island, which is often nickname the Galapagos of Africa, is rich in wildlife, beautiful stretches of white sand, mangrove forests, lagoons and dense palm and cashew forests. Even though this archipelago is quite difficult to reach, a number of luxury cruise ships and small ships have started visiting the island.

Quebec, Canada

The 16 best places to travel: The most exciting destinations for 2024 - The  Points Guy

Quebec has now explored indigenous tourism a lot. Tourists can enjoy the aurora borealis while learning about Inuit traditions in the Arctic region of Nunavik in Quebec, observing beluga and blue whales with an Innu guide in the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park, or forage for mushrooms and berries in the Laurentian mountains.
Tourists can also explore Quebec City’s cobbled streets, enjoy a walking tour, shop along the Rue du Tresor, or dine at a restaurant owned by native Sagamite people.

Bali, Indonesia

The collage on the theme of Bali, Indonesia Photos | Adobe Stock

According to The Points Guy, in 2024, tourists visiting Bali will be charged US$10 or around Rp. 157 thousand, which will be channeled into cultural and environmental protection.
There are many luxury resorts leading this trend, one of which is the Four Seasons Resort Bali in Jimbaran Bay. Additionally, guests can look forward to a series of exciting new hotels, set to open in November 2023. Guests can enjoy epic views from 72 cliff-top pool villas and spa treatments utilizing ancient healing techniques.

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