Fans’ dreams are fulfilled as Aerosmith begins their farewell tour

One of Boston’s greatest musical exports, Aerosmith, will soon only exist in recollections and playbacks, much like Tom Brady, “Cheers,” and Larry Bird.

The quintet is responsible for some of the most timeless songs ever written, such as “Dream On,” “Walk This Way,” and “Sweet Emotion,” and for 50 years of classic rock.

With a two-hour concert spanning its extensive repertoire, Aerosmith kicked off its farewell “Peace Out” tour on Saturday in Philadelphia, giving the world one final chance to witness what has won these scrawny New Englanders a revered position in the annals of rock history.


As they tore into “Back In The Saddle,” the song that has opened Aerosmith concerts for decades, singer Steven Tyler, guitarists Joe Perry and Brad Whitford, and bassist Tom Hamilton were all wearing black cowboy hats. A huge Aerosmith logo folded down from the rafters, flanked by an even bigger set of wings.

Tyler and Perry recreated one of rock’s most recognizable positions as they sang from opposite sides of a microphone stand while wearing Tyler’s signature scarves. Tyler proved that he still has it at 75 years old and after a life full of drug-related escapades by nailing the extremely high note at the song’s conclusion.

The band’s controversial single “Janie’s Got A Gun,” a song about a girl who sexually assaulte by her father, preced by the radio songs “Love In an Elevator” and “Cryin’,” two big hits from the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The group also gave fans some rare classics like “No More, No More,” on which Tyler spelled a few words incorrectly, “Adam’s Apple,” “Seasons Of Wither,” and the blues-influenced “Hangman Jury” from the Mississippi Delta.

However, a two-hour show can only accommodate so many songs, and Aerosmith has a vast song list. As a result, some of their biggest singles, such as “Dude (Looks Like A Lady)” and “Train Kept A-Rollin’,” which frequently concluded shows on prior tours, left off.

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