First Look at the 2024 Ford F-150: Goodbye, Base Engine

The 14th generation Ford F-150 gas and hybrid pickup trucks are getting a small visual and functional facelift. With Ford’s latest salvo in The Tailgate Wars—a half swing gate—making the largest impression. Three years into the average five-year run for America’s perennial best-selling vehicle.

Other noteworthy sub-headline items include the removal of the naturally aspirated V-6 engine found in the F-150’s base model, a planned increase in the production of the PowerBoost hybrid V-6 engine option, new Fox Dual Live Valve shocks for Raptors, larger screens and 5G LTE connectivity for everyone, as well as numerous minor detail improvements.

Ford F-150

Access Pro Tailgate
In recent years, all of Ford’s rivals have adopted multi-way tailgates with creative folding choices or alternate tailgate designs.

The Multifunction Tailgate on the Ram 1500 has a split barn-door design, and the MultiPro/MultiFlex Tailgate is an option on GM trucks. Ford has a solution at last, and it goes beyond just keeping up with the segment Joneses.

Okay, so maybe it’s a little bit about keeping up with the Joneses in the category, but Ford claims the new Pro Access tailgate for the F-150 addresses a very particular issue raised by a small number of owners: bed access when towing a trailer with a fixed tongue jack. With one of those attached, try opening the bed of a regular F-150; you’ll probably cause some damage.

Pro Access provides a compact, 37-inch swing-out door with check stops at 37, 70, and 100 degrees of its swing arc to address this issue. The other two provide two additional trailer-free bed access options, while the 37-degree stop should keep the door clear of a tongue jack.

King Ranch and Platinum will come standard with Pro Access, while Lariat and Tremor will have it as an option. The pull-out step option on the one-piece tailgate will still be available, along with power release or power open/close features. The cost has not yet been disclosed.

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