Good news for the college class of 2027: obtaining additional financial help is still possible.

The Class of 2027 moves into their college residence halls this weekend. At US universities like the University of Colorado Boulder, Columbia University in New York City, and the University of Wisconsin.

Many entering students will discover that college is more expensive than they had anticipate, and they could learn that the financial aid package they given in May is insufficient.

what is good news? It’s not too late to submit a financial aid application or to contest the amount of financial aid awarded.

class of 2027

According to an April analysis by the Education Data Initiative, the average cost of attending a four-year college in the United States is $25,707 each year, or $102,828 over four years. Students from out-of-state who attend public schools pay $44,014 annually. In private, nonprofit universities, increase that by a stunning $10,000 annually.

Students can still apply year-round, although certain schools, like Northwestern University in Illinois, have a “priority deadline” early in the financial aid application process. Director of Financial Aid at Northwestern Phil Asbury remarked, “It doesn’t mean we run out of cash. Don’t get too dejected if the deadlines have already past; you can still apply.

Additionally, “showing up in person may even give you an advantage.” Claimed Lissett Bohannon, a school counselor at the college matching website

According to Bohannon, it’s almost preferable for students to visit the financial assistance office, schedule a meeting, and inform the institution of their circumstances. It doesn’t have to be like that, she note, as students and their families frequently just accept the first offer they given.

Here are some suggestions for students on how to increase their financial aid package:

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