Hawaii Forest Fires Update: Death Toll So 110 People

Hawaii Forest Fires Update Death Toll So 110 People. The death toll due to  forest fires in  Hawaii rose to 110 people as of Wednesday (16/8). Hawaii Governor Josh Green said the state’s attorney general had been tasked with an investigation following the number of deaths and unaccount for residents. The forest fires that have been raging since last week have sparked anger among the local community. Many residents question the attitude of the government in overcoming this annual problem. This is because, even though the fire was already raging and had engulfed many areas, none of the 80 warning sirens in the City of Maui sounded.

Even though Hawaii is an area that has one of the largest siren warning systems in the world.

Maui Emergency Management Agency Administrator Herman Andaya said on Wednesday (16/8) afternoon that he did not regret deciding not to use sirens because the fire was already wild and would not affect the death toll. According to him, sirens are primarily us to warn of potential tsunamis approaching the area. He also assessed that if the siren sounded, many residents would go to the mountainside, where the situation was really bad there. Even if we sound the sirens, it will not save the people on the mountainside  Andaya said as quoted by CNN.

Andaya also said frankly that there were no sirens in the mountains. Most of the sirens are on the shoreline, for the purpose of the tsunami warning earlier. He continued that the protocol for current fires is to send notifications via text message, voicemail and phone, as well as via television and radio. This is our most effective way of conveying emergency messages to the public during forest fires,” he said. However, the fact that the blaze quickly disrupted communications networks. It is not clear whether the warning message reached residents before the fire spread.

When asked about these sirens, Green told CNN that “these sirens have aged for decades.

Some have had maintenance done. We are waiting to get new sirens. However some are broken and we are doing a full assessment,” Green said. Since last week, forest fires have swept through the City of Maui, Hawaii, destroying thousands of buildings. At least 1,000 people have not been found until now. This fire started from burning bushes in the Kula district, Maui City, on the evening of August 8. The fire was caus by severe dryness of the land, causing a fast-spreading blaze. Now what then spread to other areas so that the city of Lahain. This fire was also exacerbat by the appearance of Typhoon Dora. As a result of this fire, medical service centers on Maui were “very full” because of the large number of burn victims. Water at the fire location is also unsafe for consumption.

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