Her early relationship with Elvis and their disparity in ages

At the Venice Film Festival, Priscilla Presley made an appearance for the world premiere of Sofia Coppola’s “Priscilla.” The movie that details her romance with Elvis Presley.

Presley addressed her age difference with the late artist at a press conference after the film’s release, stating he was “respectful” of her age. When Priscilla was 14 and Elvis was 24, they first met in 1959.


Elvis was serving his military service in Germany while Priscilla’s stepfather was nearby serving in the Air Force. After meeting, the two grew close.

I was the one that really really sat there to listen and console Elvis as he poured his heart out to me, sharing his concerns, hopes, and the loss of his mother, which he never ever got over. I was more mature in life than I was in age, and that appealed to them. People frequently assume, “Oh, it was sex,” but this is untrue. I never got intimate with him. He was incredibly caring, gentle, and kind. He was aware that I was only 14 years old, though. We had more thought and focus. And that was our connection.

My parents found it extremely difficult to comprehend why Elvis would be so interested in me, and I genuinely believe it was because I was a better listener, Presley stated.

She referred to Elvis as her true love. Before divorcing in 1973, they were married from 1967 until 1973.

I think any woman can relate to that; it was my way of life that was so challenging, she said. But it didn’t harm our friendship; we kept our closeness. Of course, we also had a daughter, and I made sure he always saw her. It appeared as though we had never parted.

Elvis and Me, Presley’s 1985 book, served as the inspiration for Coppola’s movie. The movie “Priscilla” opens on October 27.

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