In addition to restaurants, the Michelin Guide provides ratings for hotels around the world

The Michelin Guide is known as a prestigious culinary guide throughout the world. Restaurants that receive a Michelin Star are consider the best fine dining restaurants. Now, the organization isn’t just for restaurants. On Thursday, October 5, 2023, Michelin announced that they would make an evaluation for the hotel.

The editors of the Michelin Guide said they wanted to create a trust reference. That helps travelers get a variety of hotel suggestions online. Michelin Guide to start ranking hotels in the same way as restaurants.
Micheline Guide International director Gwendal Poullennec said that the original Michelin Guide. Launch in 1900, was creat to enlighten travelers at a time of lack of information.

On the contrary, now they are face with an abundance of information.

“Our users spend an average of 10 hours in front of a screen. Preparing for travel and consulting more than 10 platforms – this is a hurdle.” He said in a release quoted by Travel + Leisure Asia.
Poulllennec took over the guide in 2018, the same year they purchased Tablet Hotels, a US-based site offering boutique hotel stays around the world.

Their teams have worked together to make an initial selection of 5,300 hotels in 120 countries. The best hotels will receive awards in the first half of 2024.

Unlike the best restaurants that are award a Michelin Star, the best hotels will receive a Michelin Key title based on several criteria including architecture, individuality, service, comfort and price.

“Just as the Michelin Star distinguishes restaurants at the pinnacle of their art, the Michelin Key recognizes the most extraordinary hotels around the world,” said Gwendal Poullennec.

As with restaurants, this will be decid by an unnamed monitoring team.

They work in secret and rate as regular guests. The Michelin Guide makes most of its money through referrals from its website, taking one euro (USD 1) per reservation. Hotels will pay a 10 to 15 percent commission to Michelin for reservations through its site, Poullennec said, pledging that editorial and sales teams would operate independently.

The company has long been renowned for its restaurant ratings, with its establishments rated up to three Michelin stars for excellence. The company awarded its first star in 1926. Gaining or losing a star can have a major impact on a restaurant’s business.

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