Israel Again Destroys Palestinian Schools in West Bank

Israel Again Destroys Palestinian Schools in West Bank. Israeli occupation forces on Thursday (17/8/2023) morning destroyed a Palestinian school in the occupied West Bank. Israel argues that the school building does not have a permit. Israeli authorities demolished the Ein Samia School, which is located east of Ramallah. The school provides educational services to a number of students in the Bedouin community. The Ministry of Education condemned the demolition operation.They (Israel) demolished schools approaching the new school year, meaning students in this Bedouin community lose their right to education,” said a statement from the Ministry of Education, reported by Middle East Monitor.

Witnesses said Israeli forces raided the Ein Samia community and started dismantling the school. The school is in.

The premises in area C are under strict security control and the administration is monitoring Israel. The school was founded before the start of the last academic year with European support. Permits to enter construction are nearly impossible for local Palestinians to obtain. Yet settler groups regularly claim and erect illegal structures on Palestinian land that are protected by heavily arm occupying forces. Meanwhile, UNESCO in Palestine said that the school was dismantl a few days before the start of lessons in the new year.

In the last 12 months, 3 schools were demolish which affected 78 students. About 58 schools are threaten with demolition,” said UNESCO.

Britain criticized Israel for destroying a school in the occupied West Bank. Britain calls on Tel Aviv to ensure Palestinian children’s right to education. All children have the right to education. The UK calls on the Israeli government to uphold this right for Palestinian children,” the British Consulate in Jerusalem said.

it was an area inhabit by Palestinian Bedouins like another normal school that faced a similar attack by settler terrorists the previous Sunday. Reporting from New Arab , Monday (14/8/2023) The Palestinian foreign ministry issued a statement saying it strongly condemned what it called the settler militias, their members and their terrorist organization for the attack on the two schools.

Israeli settlers and troops use, violence daily against Palestinians, with more than 200 killed since the start of this year. The settlements violate international law and are considered a major obstacle to a workable two-state solution as they carve out Palestinian land.

There are more than 700 thousand Israeli settlers living illegally in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. These territories have been occupied by Israel since 1967.

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