Israeli Legislators Blame Netanyahu for Hamas Attacks: This Is the Result of Atrocities Against Palestinians!

An Israeli lawmaker told Al Jazeera that his party warned of events such as Hamas’ attacks on Israel on Saturday. If the country’s government continues its illegal occupation of Palestinian land.

Hamas launched multiple attacks at dawn on Saturday with thousands of rockets fired at Israel, and the Gaza-based group’s fighters infiltrated Israeli cities and illegal settlements.
The attack left at least 600 Israelis dead, including dozens of soldiers, with bodies strewn across the streets. Meanwhile, at least 313 Palestinians were killed and more than 1,700 others injured in Israeli bombardment of the besieged Gaza enclave.

Ofer Cassif, a member of the Knesset and the left-wing Hadash coalition, said he warned the situation would “erupt” if Israeli Prime Minister

Benjamin Netanyahu’s government did not change its policy towards the Palestinians.

“We condemn and oppose all attacks on innocent civilians. However, unlike the Israeli government, this means we also oppose attacks on Palestinian civilians. We must analyze these horrific incidents in their proper context – and that is the ongoing occupation,” Cassif said.

There is ethnic cleansing going on. “It’s clear
Pogrom is a Russian word that means “to destroy, destroy by force.” Historically, the term referred to violent attacks by non-Jewish residents against Jews in the Russian Empire and other countries.
More than 20,000 Palestinians have left the Gaza border region deeper into Hamas-controlled territory to seek refuge in UN schools, according to UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees.

Previously, the conflict between Israel and Hamas resulted in massive destruction in Gaza and days of rocket attacks on Israeli cities.

The current escalation appears more dangerous than usual, as Israel’s right-wing government grapples with unprecedented security breaches. Meanwhile Palestinians are mired in despair due to the ongoing occupation of the West Bank and the suffocating blockade on Gaza.

“He was interested in survival. He just wanted to get out of prison. That is the only motivation and incentive that drives [him].”

Netanyahu faces numerous legal problems at home after the attorney general filed several charges against him, including fraud, breach of trust and corruption. The Israeli leader strongly denied the accusations.

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