Jokowi Doesn’t Want ASEAN to Become a Destroying Rivalry Arena

Indonesian President Joko Widodo or Jokowi emphasized that the Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN agreed not to become a proxy for big powers. The Indo-Pacific has become an area of ​​competition. The tension in diplomatic relations between the United States and China in recent years has brought potential conflicts to the region.
“Don’t make our ship, ASEAN, an arena of mutually destructive rivalries, but make this ASEAN ship a field for growing cooperation,” Jokowi said at the opening of the ASEAN Summit in Jakarta on Tuesday, September 5, 2023.
Today’s conference will be held in two sessions. First in plenary format and second in retreat form. Foreign ministers from ASEAN member states met in Jakarta on Monday, 4 September 2023, to prepare recommendations to be agreed upon for leaders at the summit. ASEAN Concord IV has been agreed upon by the ministers for adoption.
ASEAN Concord IV is an initiative made by Indonesia. This will form the cornerstone of the ASEAN Community Vision 2045, strengthening institutions to address future challenges. The ASEAN Summit will agree on accelerating the decision-making process in times of crisis and strengthening ASEAN’s capacity in responding to emerging challenges.
Meanwhile for the issue of Myanmar, ASEAN will review the implementation of the five-point consensus agreed upon to resolve the crisis in that country.

ASEAN’s five-point consensus for Myanmar includes an immediate end to the violence; organizing dialogue between all parties

appointment of special envoys; allow humanitarian assistance from ASEAN; and allowing a special
Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi at the opening of the meeting on Monday, September 4 2023, at the ASEAN Secretariat, South Jakarta, acknowledged that the Myanmar issue was still homework for the bloc. ASEAN, according to him, will fully progress if this crisis is over.
At the opening of the ASEAN Summit, Jokowi dismissed the issue of division. He called on ASEAN to remain united amid geopolitical tensions affecting the region and other challenges.
“Asean unity is still well preserved,” Jokowi said in a statement opening the high-level conference which will take place over the next three days.
Together with the Myanmar crisis, observers have seen the South China Sea issue as a challenge in itself for ASEAN. ASEAN should have had a slightly stronger position,” said lecturer in international. Relations from the University of Queensland Ahmad Rizky Umar when contacted by Tempo on Monday, September 4, 2023.
ASEAN’s firm stance on the South China Sea, according to Rizky Umar, need to be shown collectively. Following the release of a standard map issued by the Chinese government last week. The famous U-shaped map of China covers about 90 percent of the South China Sea.
So far. there has been no statement from ASEAN that reflects the attitude regarding the latest developments. That have occurred with regard to the South China Sea. Are all aware of the many difficult situations in this region. A number of Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia. The Philippines and Vietnam have expressed protests regarding the new map of China. Beijing hopes that each side does not exaggerate in interpreting the country’s new map.

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