Leaders of the Security Council are noticeably absent from the UN

At the important international gathering, only US Vice President Joe Biden. And his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky will be in attendance.

The leaders of China, Russia, and the United Kingdom. Including Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, and Rishi Sunak, will not be present, nor will Emmanuel Macron. This week’s UN General Assembly in New York. Will be noticeably devoid of the presidents and prime ministers of the Security Council’s member states. On Tuesday, September 19. Pnly American President Joe Biden and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky. Are schedule to attend this significant diplomatic gathering. Which will once again be dominate by the conflict in Ukraine.

These significant omissions. Against the backdrop of a collapsing international stage, highlight the crisis affecting UN bodies. Former French ambassador to the UN and diplomat Gérard Araud observed. “Multilateralism is fundamentally weaken in a world that is becoming more multipolar. Another sign of the UN’s weakness. Brought on by the conflict in Ukraine and the competition between the United States and China is the absence of Security Council members, albeit it is not the only one.

It is not surprising that Xi and Putin are not present. While the latter has made numerous appearances, the former has never really attended the General Assembly. Due to an arrest order issued against him by the International Criminal Court for war crimes connected to the expulsion of Ukrainian children, the Kremlin leader runs the prospect of being detained in the US. The two presidents are even less eager to attend UN meetings because they believe that the West dominates the organization and that the US is exercising “hegemony” over other nations. When the BRICS meeting is successfully expand to include six new nations (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Argentina), Xi chose to go to Johannesburg instead.

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The absence of the two European Security Council representatives is especially surprising considering that Europe, particularly France and the United Kingdom, are attempting to save what multilateralism remains. The behavior of Russia, a permanent member in violation of the UN Charter who has a veto power to block any condemnation made against it in this forum, has definitely rendered the Security Council, whose expansion Paris and London are vainly calling for against the wishes of Beijing and Moscow, powerless. The significance of the General Assembly, where all member states have an equal voice, is emphasized by this circumstance. But this body is divided within itself: About 30 member states, including China and India, have abstained from denouncing Moscow ever since the conflict in Ukraine erupted.


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