Lise Davidsen on performing one year late at the Last Night

Lise Davidsen will be completing a long-term commitment when she assumes the spotlight at the Last Night of the Proms on Saturday.

The most sought-after soprano in the world was schedule to perform at the performance last year, but it was postpone owing to Queen Elizabeth II’s passing.

Lise Davidsen

When the news broke, she was “deep into rehearsing Rule, Britannia” with the Symphony Orchestra.

You couldn’t help but be a little let down, she claims.

The “right decision” made to cancel the event, she continues.

It reminded me of Covid’s opening sequences, to be honest. You can completely understand why it’s happening, but on the other hand, despite everyone’s intense focus and excitement, there was a sense of empty space.

The Norwegian singer managed to schedule a comeback to the Proms this year, where she will perform with famed cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason, despite her busy performance schedule, which is scheduled four to five years in the future.

Many others will be seeing Davidsen for the first time thanks to this opportunity. The New York Times previously said of Davidsen’s voice that it was “arrestingly powerful and visceral” and that “you feel it as almost physical presence – pressing against your the back of your neck, making them stand up.

She has also never experienced the Last Night’s vaudevillian ambiance, complete with its extravagant costumes and group singalongs.

The singer, who practiced for her debut by viewing old YouTube videos, claims that there is nothing comparable in Norway.

I look forward to seeing the flags, individuals dressed whichever they choose to, and feeling this sense of unity when we sing together.

It’s the closest I’ve ever come to participating in a sporting event.

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