Milan Bans Midnight Food and Drink Sales in City Center

Milan makes new rules about nightlife. The Italian capital forbids residents or tourists from reveling late into the night and prohibits the sale of take away food and drinks at certain hours.

This rule applies especially in the Porta Venezia area

one of the famous intersections in the center of Milan. Porta Venezia is considered the coolest and most elegant area in Milan, home to the upper middle class with 1900s liberty-style buildings. This district is a blend of modernity and elegance where the hustle and bustle of the main streets finds tranquility in Indro Montanelli Park, perfect for fun and relaxing moments.
The temporary ban means late-night revelers will no longer be able to buy drinks or food to take home from shops, kiosks, bars with outdoor seating and even vending machines.
This rule applies from midnight to 06.00 on weekdays and from 01.30 to 06.00 on Friday and Saturday nights until November 19.
The new regulations were introduce after local residents sued city hall over noise caused by nightlife in the area earlier this year.
The ban covers the busy LGBT+ nightlife area of Porta Venezia, from Piazza Oberdan to via Melzo and via Lazzaretto.
Street vendors follow stricter rules as they are prohibite from entering the area between 6pm and 6am.

The reason behind the nightlife rule

Tired of the noise, crowds, and crime that come with living in a busy nightlife area. The Lazzaretto Citizens Committee urges city officials to take action.
Listening to their pleas, Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala began to have doubts about the idea of a 24-hour city.
This is not the first time such measures have been take to curb revelers in Milan. In May 2020 the sale of take-home alcoholic beverages was prohibite from 19:00 to 07:00. Due to residents violating COVID-19 safety regulations.
In July 2022 and June this year, after-work drinks were again ban in Milan city center. This time to reduce noise and crime on the streets.

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