One American family purchased an inexpensive home there

American growing standard of living has taken a heavy toll on homes in recent years, with many finding it difficult to make ends meet.

One American family has decided to leave their own country and move to a town in the southernmost region of Italy because they are so fed up with the situation.

Chris and Jennifer Tidroski of Prescott, More Then Arizona, have added their names to the increasing list of Americans who have purchased a run-down house in a sparsely inhabited Italian village for a song in search of a slower-paced lifestyle.

impact of living expenses


The Tidroski family paid 26,000 euros ($27,274) for a home in the town of Latronico’s ancient area in the Basilicata region of southern Italy in 2021. Since then, they have invested an additional 50,000 euros ($52,450) on its renovation.

Once the house is build and we have our visa, we plan to move with our 7-year-old daughter Lidia within the next year or two. Chris Tidroski, a 49-year-old former osteopath who now teaches bowling, says, “We want a brighter future.”

The pair complains that American living expenses, particularly those related to healthcare, have risen too much.

Having both work in the industry, they claim to have witnessed costs rise over the past ten years and don’t hold out much hope that things will change.

Chris reveals that their decision to move to Italy was influence by the political division in the US.

The political climate in the United States, he claims, is “laughably ridiculous.” There is no longer a middle ground; the change has gone too far in both directions. We lack a commonality.

A catalyst for change for Chris, whose great-grandfather immigrated to the US at the end of the 1800s from a hamlet close to Latronico, was being able to reconnect with his Italian history.

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