Politikus, Usai Capres, and Shot Dead 6th Jelang Pemilu Day

Insider political lobbying has resumed in Ecuador. On August 14th a local politician was debunked by someone who had not been identified. For a full day while enforcing the minimum 20 Augustus future.

Pedro Briones, a member of the Parti Revolusi people, was mistakenly identified by someone in the crowd. Briones is the sole governor of the region of Esmeraldas along the border with Colombia.

Policing authorities in the area, including the government, have not yet confirmed the incident. However, local media in Ecuador claim that a man was shot and killed in his home in the city of San Mateo by two women driving a motorcycle before they later shot themselves.

According to AFP, Luisa Gonzales, one of the presidential candidates in Ekuador, expressed her “solidarity with the family of Pedro Briones, new victims of violence in Ekuador.”

According to Gonzales, “Ekuador is currently in the most recent phase.” He also complains that the government is incompetent, claiming that Ecuador’s because “has been taken over” by organized crime gangs.

Murder Briones occurred a little earlier than expected after the last calon of the president, Ekuador Fernando Villavicencio, was also assassinated in the neighboring city of Quito.

Villavicencio was unconscious when he left the location of his campaign on Wednesday (9/8) earlier. Polisi Ekuador claims that the person who set up the bembak was a citizen of Colombia.

According to police information, the person in the tethered position is a resident who has previously been arrested in connection with an incident involving weapon  in July. The other person in the group is a member of the organized crime group.

3 Potential Causes of Ekuador Capres and H-11 Election

Even so, this internal shooting has caused the Ekuadorian people to suffer. Because Villavicencio is the only capres that is mentioned in this Election.

The identity of the perpetrator and the theme of the 59-year-old politician’s political coup remain unknown to the current administration. Despite this GEC New has raised concerns about the likelihood that Villavicencio will die on November 11:

1.Fight drug cartels, first

As of right now, Villavicencio is helping to dismantle the largest cartel of drug traffickers in Ecuador, the Sinaloa cartel, which is home to the notorious sadist and gangster El Chapo.

According to Reuters, Villavicencio believes that she has received a payment from the cartel boss at this time. In her final campaign, she may have even encouraged the cartel to cover it.

“I am not afraid,” replied Villavicencio.

“Come and catch me” exclaimed the other.

In addition, the law enforcement authorities have detained close to one hundred people who are directly connected to the arrest of Villavicencio. Although the identity of the offending group has not yet been established, the passage in question also mentions it.

In addition, the person who initiated the shoot remained in the area where it occurred while policing it with baton charges.


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