Premier League Ticket Prices: Liverpool Cheapest, Chelsea Most Expensive Athletic In contrast to Chelsea, who set the most expensive ticket.

Premier League United States sports media The Athletic details a list of ticket prices for Premier League 2023/2024 clubs. The list consists of the lowest price category to the most expensive.

As a result, Liverpool became the team that sold the cheapest match tickets. The cheapest category ticket at Anfield costs 9 pounds (Rp. 173 thousand).
Buyers of these tickets get seats in the top corner of the Main Stand with limited views and blocked by the pillars of the stadium. Only a few hundred are sold and can only be purchased through a club membership.

The cheapest category tickets sold in the Premier League average around 35 pounds (Rp. 673 thousand) to 42 pounds (Rp. 807 thousand). Everton’s cheapest ticket costs £55, the highest of any, but the Toffees charge the same rates across all categories.
Furthermore, for the most expensive ticket category fell to Chelsea. The Blues set a price of 240 pounds for the premium Westview spectators who were in the West Stand Upper stands.

The audience at Westview consists of season ticket holders, as well as fans who buy for one game. Ticket prices do not include food and beverage services.
Chelsea is not the only London club with the most expensive ticket category. Four other London teams are right below him, namely Fulham (105 pounds), Arsenal (103 pounds), Tottenham Hotspur (103 pounds) and West Ham United (100 pounds).

Manchester City charges 75 pounds (Rp. 1.4 million) for the most expensive category at the Etihad Stadium. Manchester United sells 70 pounds (Rp 1.3 million) in a similar category, while Liverpool sells 60 pounds (Rp 1.2 million).

Sheffield United sells the most expensive category tickets with the lowest prices. The Blades ‘only’ charges 46 pounds (Rp. 884 thousand) for the best seats on Bramall Lane.

Luton Town is the only Premier League team that has not set the cheapest and most expensive match ticket rates. Their stadium, Kenilworth Road, is still being renovated even though the 2023/2024 season has rolled on.

2023/2024 Premier League Cheapest Category Ticket Prices

1. Liverpool: 9 pounds
2. Chelsea: 25 pounds
3. Burnley: 25 pounds
4. Bournemouth: £28
5. Arsenal: £28.5
6. West Ham United: 30 pounds
7. Brighton & Hove Albion: 30 pounds
8. Brentford: 30 pounds
9. Sheffield United: 30 pounds
10. Fulham: 35 pounds
11. Wolverhampton Wanderers: 35 pounds
12. Manchester United: 36 pounds
13.Tottenham Hotspur: 37 pounds
14. Nottingham Forest: 38 pounds
15. Aston Villa: 40.5 pounds
16. Crystal Palace: 42 pounds
17. Manchester City: 44 pounds
18. Newcastle United: £44
19. Everton: 55 pounds.

Ticket Prices for the Most Expensive Category for the Premier League 2023/2024

1. Chelsea: 240 pounds
2. Fulham: £105
3. Arsenal 103 pounds
4.Tottenham Hotspur: £103
5. West Ham United: £100
6. Aston Villa: 80 pounds
7. Manchester City: 75 pounds
8. Newcastle United: £74
9. Brighton & Hove Albion: 72 pounds
10. Crystal Palace: 70 pounds
11. Manchester United: 70 pounds
12. Brentford: 65 pounds
13. Wolverhampton Wanderers: 63.5 pounds
14. Burnley: 60 pounds
15. Liverpool: 60 pounds
16. Everton: 55 pounds
17. Bournemouth: £53
18. Nottingham Forest: 52 pounds
19. Sheffield United: 46 pounds.

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