Public AI bots by ChatGPT are released by Baidu and SenseTime

The public release of Chinese tech companies Baidu and SenseTime’s ChatGPT-inspired AI bots on Thursday represents a significant development in the fight for AI throughout the globe.

The ERNIE Bot from Baidu has been made available to the general public, enabling users to perform AI-powered searches or a variety of activities, such as producing films or summarizing intricate papers.

Its shares rose 3.1% in New York on Wednesday and 4.7% in Hong Kong on Thursday as a result of the news.


According to a person familiar with the situation, Baidu (BIDU) is among the first businesses in China to have regulatory approval for the rollout and the first to openly debut this kind of service.

ERNIE Bot, also known as “Wenxin Yiyan” in Chinese, only made available to business clients or a small group of members of the general public who put their names on a waitlist.

The public debut of its SenseChat platform also announce on Thursday by Hong Kong-based AI startup SenseTime. Following the news, the company’s shares increased 4% in Hong Kong.

We are happy to announce that it is fully operational to serve all users as of today,
As one of the first nations to regulate the sector, China released new laws on generative AI in July. The actions became effective on August 15.

In China, Baidu has been a front-runner in the race to capitalize on the buzz surrounding generative AI, the technology that powers programs like ChatGPT or its successor, GPT-4. Users have been impress by the latter’s capacity to make coding simpler, quickly produce a website from a straightforward drawing, and ace exams.

US-China competition?
Analysts claim that the announcement of Baidu’s own iteration in February gave it a head start in China. A month later, it introduced ERNIE, demonstrating how it could create a newsletter, come up with a company motto, and answer a math puzzle.

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