Putin-Kim Jong Un Send Letters, Promise to Strengthen Relations

Pyongyang – Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader (North Korea) Kim Jong Un exchanged letters on Tuesday (15/8) local time. In their letter, the two leaders pledged to develop ties between the two countries into what Kim Jong Un called a “long-term strategic relationship”.
As reported by Reuters, Tuesday (15/8/2023), the letters from the two heads of state marked the 78th anniversary of Korea’s. liberation from Japanese colonialism in 1910-1945, which is also celebrated as a.

national holiday in South Korea (South Korea).

In his letter to Putin North Korean leader, as quoted by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) news agency, Kim Jong Un said. The friendship between the two countries was forged in World War II with the victory over Japan.

Kim Jong Un also mentioned that the two countries are currently ‘fully demonstrating their invincibility and strength in the struggle to destroy the arbitrary practices and imperialist hegemony’.

“I firmly believe that friendship and solidarity… will be further developed into a long-term strategic relationship according to the. Demands of the new era Kim Jong Un wrote in his letter to Putin, KCNA quoted him as saying.

“The two countries will always emerge victorious North Korean leader

fully supporting and cooperating with each other to achieve common goals and struggles,” he said.

Meanwhile, according to KCNA, Putin in his letter to Kim Jong Un also promised to strengthen bilateral ties between Russia and North Korea.

Russia is one of the few countries that has close ties with North Korea The United States (US) accuses North. Korea of ​​supplying weapons, including artillery shells, rockets and shoulder-fired missiles, to Russia for the war sparked by Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

Both Pyongyang and Moscow have denied any arms transactions North Korean leader

Last month, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu visited Pyongyang and met Kim Jong Un in person, where the two also toured North Korea’s newest nuclear-capable missiles and combat drones on display in a military parade in the isolated nation.

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