The governor of California approves legislation forcing large firms

More than 5,300 businesses operating in California that generate more than $1 billion. In annual revenue are obligate by law to disclose both their direct and indirect emissions.

A new law that California Governor Gavin Newsom signed on Saturday. October 7, will require large enterprises in the state to disclose a wide spectrum of greenhouse gas emissions. This is the broadest requirement of its type in the country.

Advocates claim that the measure, known as SB 253, will increase public awareness. Of how large corporations contribute to climate change and may encourage them to consider ways to cut their emissions. They contend that many companies already notify the state of some of their emissions.

The California Chamber of Commerce, agricultural organizations, and oil tycoons disagree with the law. Claiming it will impose new requirements on businesses. That lack the knowledge and experience necessary to appropriately record their indirect emissions. Additionally, they argue that it is premature for the standards to be put into effect at a time when the federal government is considering emissions disclosure regulations for public corporations. That covers things like emissions produced when a building or store is open, as well as those produced when people do things like send employees on business trips and move their goods. The chamber and other organizations warned in an advisory opposing the bill that if the federal standards are approved, the proposal might lead to “duplicative” labor.

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Increase Of California

California has recently made significant efforts to influence trends in climate policy. By 2035, the state intends to stop selling new gas-powered cars, increase renewable energy, and reduce rail pollution. The state wants to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% from 1990 levels by 2030.

Significant businesses, such as Apple and Patagonia, came out in favor of the legislation, claiming that they already publish the majority of their emissions. A major former UN official who was a driving force behind the 2015 Paris climate deal, Christiana Figueres, wrote in a letter that the measure will act as a “crucial catalyst in mobilizing the private sector to solve climate change.”

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