The serene Greek island of Hydra is where vehicles are prohibited and time stops still.

At first glance, Hydra appears to be similar to its nearby neighbors. Its streets are white-washed, the air is perfumed with jasmine, and it boasts stunning views of the glistening blue waters around it, just like other islands in the Aegean Sea.

Hydra’s preferred form of transportation is what makes it unique. The rhythmic sound of horse hooves has been preferred by locals over the clamor of honking horns.

Cars aren’t just missing from this area; they’ve been purposefully blocked off. The usage of motorized vehicles is prohibited by local law, with the exception of ambulances, fire trucks, and garbage trucks.


Firstly, Locals on the 2,500-person Greek island get around on mules, donkeys, and miniature horses.

Secondly, Visitors are greeted by tiny horses gently navigating their way through. The cobblestone streets as they get off the ferry and onto Hydra Port. The island’s hub, to get a feel for the relaxed pace of the place.

It’s usual to see locals going about their everyday lives with their canine pals as you stroll around Hydra’s charming walkways.

The island is permeated by their presence, from Mandraki on the island’s western coasts. Famed for its beautiful seas and laid-back vibe, to Kaminia, a peaceful village on the southern shoreline ornamented with traditional stone cottages.

According to Harriet Jarman, owner of the horseback riding business Harriet’s Hydra Horses, “Hydra is an island that really takes you back in time.”

On this island, only mules or horses are used for transportation. Everyone’s life are a bit calmer because there are no cars.

No automobiles? No issues
When Jarman’s mother brought her to Hydra 24 years ago for a holiday, it was the beginning of a life-altering decision to make Hydra their permanent home.

Ten years later, during the Greek financial crisis, Jarman was forced to sell her beloved mare Chloe.

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