Tomoro Coffee Presents Master S.O.E. Series, Espresso Blend from Ethiopian Coffee Beans

Tomoro Coffee launches Master S.O.E. Series on Tuesday, October 24 2023. This coffee series is said to be made from single-origin espresso which comes from the birthplace of Arabica coffee, Ethiopia. This coffee is the result of a collaboration between Dale Harris, World Barista Champion 2017 and Muhammad Aga, Indonesian Barista Champion 2018.
Master S.O.E. The Series has several flavor choices, including Caffè Americano, Caffè Latte, and Breve Latte. Different from other coffees from this brand, Master S.O.E. Series is presented in black cup packaging.

Director of Tomoro Coffee, Wang Chao said, Master S.O.E.

The Series provides a new experience in drinking coffee because of its distinctive taste and aroma, and also uses the new “Black Cup” packaging with anti-spill technology.
He added, apart from presenting a new coffee series, this coffee brand also gave birth to many new outlets. In the future, we are targeting to open two new outlets per day. press statement.
Tomoro Coffee Chief Coffee Master and 2017 World Barista Champion Dale Harris said, S.O.E. comes from the word single origin espresso, which means using coffee beans that come from one source, the same type, the same region, the same region, or even the same plant.

Guji itself is a region in Ethiopia which is at an altitude of 2,000 – 2,350 meters

above sea level so the coffee beans produced have more sugar in the fruit and ultimately produce a more fruity and floral aroma. intense.
Tomor Coffee Master who is also Indonesia Barista Champion 2018 Muhammad Aga add, Master S.O.E. The Series has gone through a very strict process of selecting the quality of coffee beans, including 1,000 observations through coffee cupping until finally Shakiso Guji coffee beans were selected.
Apart from Master S.O.E. Series, Tomoro Coffee has the Tomoro Aren Latte series which uses local farmers’ palm sugar. Other variants that many people enjoy are the Tomoro X Oatside series and the Tomoro Coconut Series.

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