Two Workers Arrested for Breaking into the Great Wall of China for a Shortcut

Two people arrested for breaking into the Great Wall of China. They used excavators to widen gaps in the Great Wall in northern Shanxi province. The Shanxi Cultural Relics Bureau, in a post on social media earlier this week, said the suspects – a man and a woman. They damaged the iconic Great Wall of China in Youyu country beyond repair.
Police in Shanxi were notified of the incident on Aug. 24, 2023. Police then followed a trail made by a machine used to excavate sections of the wall to find the suspect, according to a China Daily newspaper report on Monday, Sept. 4, 2023.
The pair, who had been contracted to work on a nearby construction project, admitted they used an excavator to create a shortcut in the wall. They created shortcuts in an effort to reduce travel time to their work locations, the newspaper said.

The Great Wall of China is divided into several sections, which stretch for thousands of kilometers. Construction of the Great Wall of China first started in the third century and continued for centuries. These remains of structures built by Chinese emperors to keep out foreign invaders are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The affected section of the Great Wall, about six hours’ drive west of Beijing, dates from China’s Ming Dynasty, which lasted from the 14th to 17th centuries.

State broadcaster CCTV said the suspects had caused permanent damage to the Ming-era wall.

The CCTV images show the aftermath of the incident. In which a dusty road had cut through a long. Rising section of land that appears to be the remains of a wall. China Daily said the suspects were charged with destroying cultural relics.
Although the more famous sections of the Great Wall consist of beautiful structures dotte with ancient watchtowers. Other parts of the structures have collapse or disappear altogether. A 2016 report from the Beijing Times newspaper indicate that more than 30 percent of the Great Ming Wall had been completelost.

Only 8 percent of them are considere well maintaine. The Great Wall of China is a series of fortifications. That span much of northern China and are in varying states of disrepair. Sometimes found in places where there are villages or towns, but often in remote areas of various provinces.

The oldest part, thousands of years old, is a wall compacte with earth and now looks like a mound. Not even immediately recognizable as the Great Wall. Much of the damage to the walls. Was cause by local farmers stealing bricks or stones to build houses or animal pens. Recently, the government has made greater efforts to preserve the Great Wall.

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