UN Envoy Calls for International Court of Justice to Trial the Taliban!

UN Envoy as reported by the Associated Press, Wednesday. Brown’s call was made in a UN virtual press conference that was held on Tuesday local time. On the second anniversary of the Taliban taking power in Afghanistan, after a civilian government supported by West collapsed.

Brown stressed in her statement that the Taliban leaders were responsible for “the most egregious, cruel and inexcusable violations of the rights of girls and women in the world today”.

Prime Minister for the periody 2007-2010. Said he had sent a legal opinion to ICC prosecutor Karim Khan showing that cutting off access to education and work constituted ‘gender discrimination’.

The Taliban took power in Kabul in August 2021. In the final weeks of US and NATO troops pulling out of Afghanistan after 20 years of fighting there.

Much like their previous administration in Afghanistan from 1996-2001. The Taliban have gradually reinstated their radical interpretation of Islamic law. Banning girls from attending school from grade six onwards and banning women from working. Being in public spaces gym and more recently. recently banned beauty salons.

In his statement. Afghanistan which is the hometown of supreme Taliban leader Hibatullah Akhundzada, to argue that the ban on education and employment for women has ‘no basis in the Koran’. or even in the Islamic religion’ and for the Taliban to lift such a ban.

Brown said she believed there are divisions within the with many in the Ministry of Education. And within the government in Kabul wanting to see women right to education reinstated.

There was no immediate response from the Taliban regarding Brown’s call.However, the main spokesman for the Taliban, Zabihullah Mujahid, dismissed questions about restrictions on Afghan women when interviewed by the Associated Press in Kabul on Monday (14/8) local time. He insists the status quo will remain.

The latest decree bans women from taking university exams and visiting public places. Including cemeteries, to pay their respects to their families.

Currently, he continued. Around 25 million women have lost to education and 3 million will graduate from elementary school in the next few years.

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