Why are American families moving to Europe?

This week’s travel news includes information on American who have moved abroad to start new lives after growing. Tired of the United States as well as the new visa waiver program in Europe.

You might want to start planning your trip for next summer even though. The summer travel season officially ends over Labor Day weekend.This is why.

American Emigration

Many people have decided to start over in their life after reflecting on their priorities in the wake of the recent unrest.

The 59-year-old Nadine, 61-year-old Kim, and their adult children from Texas moved to the little Italian town of Latronico because they were sick of the political situation in the US.

The North Carolina-based Tibb family decided to start a new life in the Umbrian region of Italy. They bought an apartment without having visited it in person and launched a successful new restaurant providing Umbrian and Tuscan food.

Finally, the couple of Pennsylvanian Alan Andrew and Belgian Vincent Proost purchased a dilapidated farmhouse in Portugal’s Alentejo region. They started afresh and constructed a dream home even though it had been abandoned for around 50 years.

Young hearts are unbridled
Whether we are aware of it at the time or not, every person eventually takes their final vacation. Making the most of our health and youth while we still have it is crucial, therefore.

First week of first grade was missed by Florida mother Terry Ward. As she traveled to Canada to see polar bears and beluga whales.Why she doesn’t regret her choice is as follows.

and spoke with these Gen Z employees who were exhausted from their jobs and the pressures of growing up in the midst of a pandemic. As a result, they left their employment and began to travel.

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